If I ran for POTUS…

president-hillary-clinton-memes-8.jpegWARNING…. It’s a long one!!!

People are lucky, and I mean truly LUCKY that I don’t run for president. Because, fact-of-the-matter is, we might just live in a better society once I’m done cleaning house. I’m most definitely expressing my own opinions on the following list of issues, and I’m not interested in a debate. If you want to weigh in with your opinion, please feel free to do so, even if it differs from mine, but I will not argue a point. Lets all play nice. I’m obviously not going to talk about all 75 issues, but the ones I feel most passionate about.

On Crime & Justice: Yes, I think the death penalty should be allowed. To clarify, if you murder someone and it was proven that self-defense did not reasonably apply, cause someone to die in an accident where you were proven to be negligent, and/or unsuccessfully attempt to take a life, then you forfeit your own life. This would cut down on over crowded prisons, relieve the stress and strain on prison staff, and set an example. People need to understand that for each and every action, there is an equal reaction, and that there is no getting away with murder. Is this harsh? Yes. However, maybe people will think twice before taking a life that isn’t theirs to take.

Private prisons have no business being allowed to enter into the justice system. Once private money gets involved, things get complicated. Prisons should be standardized across the board. There is no “club med” or “celebrity get away”. If you are sentenced to jail time, then your cell is just the same as Joe Shmoe’s across the country. There is a valid process in having state prisons and federal prisons, and I agree with separating minimum vs. maximum security, but that’s about it. If you have enough money to open your own private prison, then why not donate it to the prison systems already in place so advancements can be made?

Police should never profile based on race, and the war on drugs should most definitely be continued. As a matter of fact, I think that confiscated drugs should be disposed of in a vat of acid immediately, instead of being locked away for other uses, and possibly theft. Confiscated money from drugs should go towards paying off our national debt. Drug dealers, bosses, middlemen, etc…, will all suffer from high dose use of the same drug they were caught selling.

Economy & Taxes: Churches should not remain tax exempt. Churches are a business just like any other, why shouldn’t they pay taxes? Especially if they want to speak on their political views.

Federal taxes should be standardized into brackets depending on your income. If you make 75 million a year, then you will pay much higher taxes than someone who makes 75 thousand a year. There is no negotiation on this from year to year. The rate brackets stay the same, and if your income changes which puts you into a different tax bracket, then so be it. Credits will be limited, earned income credit will no longer exist, and if you don’t have a job, but are solely on welfare, then you can’t claim any credits.

Social security should not be privatized however, the government should not be allowed to borrow from it or touch it in any way. It should also be regulated more stringently. If you didn’t work and pay into it, then you can’t draw from it. You can only draw from the amount that you paid in, and survivors benefits will go away. If someone is on SSI and passes away, then whats left of their share defaults to the national debt.

Education: Charter schools are not helping our public school system in any way what-so-ever. By allowing private groups to form charter schools, we are allowing them to recruit/cherry pick the students that they want. This happens in an effort to raise test scores, show better results, but as a result, this causes the public school test scores to lower, and imbalances the student ratio. There should be one public school education system outside of the University system. All teachers should get tenure, and education should be free in America. If a university/college is private, then please, charge tuition however, if a school is a state school or university, then it should be free to attend provided you have been a resident of that state for at least 4 years, and continue to be a resident while your child is in that school. Common core is stupid, and lunches need to be healthier.

Elections: As long as you are a legal, of age, tax paying citizen of the US, then you will be allowed to vote with valid ID to prove it. There will be no write-in’s allowed after the primary has concluded, and if you don’t vote during an election, then you forfeit your right to vote in the next election. That’s right, you would have to suffer through 8 years of the presidency with no say, because you were to stubborn, lazy, busy, etc… to vote for your president. Sorry Not Sorry.

Campaigns should not be publicly funded however, they should have a more stringent regulatory system for keeping track of and holding onto donations.

Energy: There is no circumstance where fracking should ever be allowed. If you can not drill for natural gas without compromising the environment around the drill site, then you can’t do it. End of story.

Foreign Policy: If another country borrows money, they have to set up a repayment plan plus interest, to pay it back. If they don’t pay it back, fail to pay timely, or don’t repay it in full, then their president, monarch, etc… will forfeit their position to someone who will. And we only allow you to borrow from us once.

Guns & 2nd Amdmt.: Schools are a definite no guns zone. No debate. Gun control will be more stringent. If you are a known fellow, known terrorist, on the watch list or no-fly list, known to be mentally unstable, not a legal US citizen, do not have a valid government issued ID, under 21 years of age, ever been arrested and/or charged with a crime, then you can not buy a gun. If you are permitted to buy a gun, then you will be required to take a safety/certification course within 30 days, and register it within 72 hours. If you can not show successful registration and completion of the course, then you forfeit your right to own a gun, and will be refunded 75% of your purchase price. If you are caught with an unregistered fire arm then you go to jail for 60 days, and forfeit your right to ever own a gun. Assault weapons, outside of hand guns and rifles (the hunting type), will not be available for purchase legally.

Health Care, Abortion & End of Life: Abortion is a personal choice, the government will have no say, except in cases where minors under the age of 18 are concerned. Birth control will be free with a Dr’s written prescription. Dr assisted suicide is a personal choice however, only in cases of extreme deteriorating/painful health, and after a contract is written and notarized with a lawyer present for both, between the patient and Dr. Planned parenthood will receive a federal grant however, will not fully be funded by the government. Health care will be universal, and available to all who pay taxes or are in a marriage where one spouse pays taxes.

Immigration: Checking immigration status will be mandatory for all employers, and those who employ illegal/undocumented immigrants, will lose their business license for 7 years. Residency will be permitted to immigrants who do it legally, are willing to learn/speak english, work and pay taxes, and become a part of their community. Immigrants who refuse to do so, will be deported as many times as it takes for you to realize that it would be easier to do it the right way. If a child is born in the US to an illegal/undocumented immigrant, then the entire family is deported except, in the situation where the child is 18 or older, or they are willing to immigrate legally. If the child is 18 or older, they may choose to stay provided they are in school or working and paying taxes.

Refugees will be allowed into the country under close watch, and only after they are proven to not be a terrorist, on the watch list or no-fly list. They must also be willing to become a legal citizen (following the above regulations), within 180 days of their arrival.

Weed & Alcohol: Weed will be allowed for medical and recreational purposes. It will however, be regulated and distributed by the government; just like any other prescription/OTC drug. If you are caught growing without federal approval, you will be arrested and fined. If you are caught with more than an acceptable (TBD) amount on your person or in your home, you will be arrested and fined. You will need to be 18 to purchase recreational weed, and need a written prescription from a federal approved clinic to get medical weed.

Alcohol purchases will still need to be made by someone 21 or older however, if you are accompanied by a legal guardian or parent to a restaurant, in your home, etc… you may drink a reasonable amount of alcohol under their supervision. If a minor is deemed intoxicated while with a parent or guardian, then that parent/guardian will be arrested, fined, and the child will be required to attend alcohol abuse classes.

Military & War on Terror: The military budget will be increased to provide supplies, training, and equipment where they are needed and when they are needed. Women & men will be considered equal as long as they can get the job done the same, if not better. If it isn’t our war, then we aren’t going to fight it for you. The US will assist on an as needed basis however, it will be limited in resources we provide, and length of time we provide them. If you are gay, you can still fight for your country.

Veterans health care will be improved with more priority on getting quality medical care when it is needed, not 7 months later. And they will be given more funding for better quality of care.

Race: White, black, hispanic, purple, or green… we are all human beings, and therefore will all be treated equally regardless of skin color.

Science & Environment: GMO’s will be labeled. There will be a bigger budget for reduction of global warming. Renewable energy and alternative power sources, will be employed. High fructose corn syrup will be banned, and grants will be provided to US farmers who provide more locally grown foods without pesticides.

Sex & Gender: If two people love one another and want to get married/be together, go for it. If you want to identify with a certain gender, go for it. There will be three bathroom designations; born male only, born female only, no specification. This way, if you want to be picky about who shares your toilet, then use the bathroom for your born gender, if not, then good on you. But, if you use a non specification bathroom, then you can not complain about who uses it or you will be fined a complaint fee. If you identify male and get caught using the born male only bathroom, you will be fined.

Religious beliefs are not a valid reason to deny someone a product or service. If you are caught/reported for doing this, then you will be arrested, and sentenced to jail time for a hate crime, and have to pay a mind-your-own-business fine. What one person does in their personal life, does not affect you, nor is it any of your business. And, it most certainly does not infringe on your religious beliefs, especially since you chose your job.

It’s a lot, I know. But, I felt it had to be said out-loud. Again, these are my own personal opinions and beliefs. You don’t have to like them, but please respect my opinion.


Until next time…



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