Falling from Grace… Chapter 4

FullSizeRenderWell part of it anyways… I thought it was time for a sneak peek at my soon to be released fictional debut! Yes Fictional Debut. My first book was non-fiction, based on my own life, which was being written in tandem with  Falling from Grace. Falling from Grace, which will be my second book release, is a modern-day fictional romance with a love quadrangle, lies, secrets, revelations, and self discovery. It will ultimately be a two book story, and part of a four book series that will follow along with the love lives of two other characters from this book.

Please enjoy this little nugget, and if you feel so inclined, please let me know what you think…


Chapter Four

I had three goals for the night. One, spend a wonderful evening celebrating the success of the BU Terriers with the man I love. Two, tell that man that I was sorry for the mess I had made of the past few months and three, tell Ian that I wanted us officially back together. When we first got to the party none of that had changed. My plan was still held strong. My feelings had not changed. However, something in the last few moments had changed because standing here with my arm wrapped around Ian’s the sounds of the room becoming a very dull roar in my ears, my pulse picking up and a warmth I had never felt before spreading throughout my entire body, I was seriously considering walking over to this stranger and wrapping myself around him, letting him envelope me in his arms, letting his scent wash over me, letting him consume me.

I can’t say for sure where these thoughts were coming from. Whether they were just my bodies’ reaction to the gorgeous man across the room or whether this was fates way of kicking me in the shin and saying, “ha ha you can look but cant touch”.

Not entirely true…

This man who had a visual lock on my soul was perfect. Standing across the room I could feel the burn of his intense gaze in the deepest depths of my recesses. He was tall with jet black hair tousled in that sexy I just crawled out of bed after having had the hottest sex of my life way. There was a slight stubble covering his classically handsome face and those eyes… even at this distance I new they were the most startling blue color. The kind of blue that reminds you of ice burgs in the Arctic Ocean waters off the coast of Northern Alaska. All I could think was… nothing.

My brain had shut down. Not one thought was moving around in there. I couldn’t even say whether I was breathing or not, although since I was still standing and no one was freaking out, I must be breathing… right? Loss of breath must be synonymous with loosing your hearing because I’m sure my heartbeat screaming in my ears is not the only sound in this crowded room right now but somehow my feet worked because instinctively I took a step away from Ian and towards this stranger.

“…. G” The sound of Ian’s voice somehow broke through the haze that had settled over my brain and though it still felt like strong masculine hands were caressing me from the inside out I managed to drag my gaze away from tall dark and handsome to look into the questioning green gaze of the man on my right.

“I’m sorry, what?” I prayed with everything I had in that moment that Ian hadn’t noticed what just happened.

His warm smile and soft chuckle eased my rising anxiety. “I asked if you wanted something to drink?” He said as he reached up to smooth his fingertips over my cheekbone.

Returning his smile I said, “yes, please!”

“Something fruity or…” Letting his words trail off I smile sweetly at him and laugh softly when I say “Stronger, please.” His answering chuckle was followed by a soft yet claiming? Kiss to my lips before he walked off towards the bar.

Is it possible that he did see? I don’t think so. There is a small part of me that thinks he may have but the rational, the knowing side of me, knows that he couldn’t have. Ian isn’t exactly known for his subtlety when it comes to marking his claim on me where other men are concerned. Surely I’m just being paranoid and perhaps feeling a tad bit guilty for my reaction to this stranger who is right now at this moment walking towards me. Oh this cant is good. Quickly looking towards the bar I notice Ian is locked in a conversation with one of the teams coaches and another man while they wait their turn at the bar and when I turn back around he’s there. This man who made me want to cross the room and crawl up his body is there and all I can do is stare straight into his chest.

He’s taller than I thought him to be. Maybe about six foot two. Again all rational thought seems to have slipped from my brain. I try my hardest to focus on my breathing. Maybe if I can do that then I can survive the next few moments. Not likely. Somehow a single thought breaks through. The realization, that this is it. This is the moment. This is the blink that will change my world forever.

“Hello.” His voice, deep smooth and accented slides over my skin caressing it the way his gaze caressed my very being. My eyes blink closed, my lips part infinitesimally on a sharp intake of breath and after what seems like an eternity my eyes open and I look up.

“Hello.” My voice comes out as a breathy whisper causing a knowing smile to spread across his lovely full lips…. God! Could I be any more transparent?

For a moment we both just stand there gazing at one another. Him with a beautiful smile, his hands in the pockets of his black dress pants. I can tell he is very well built under his black V-neck sweater and grey collard shirt. The sleeves of which are rolled up and pushed up his muscled, tattooed forearms. For the love of all that is holy…. I think my mouth just went as dry as the Sahara.

And then there is me… I can just imagine what my face looks like. Wide eyed “oh” face comes to mind. It takes a mental smack down before I can mange a small, shy smile. What is wrong with me?Taking a very deep breath, which is actually a mistake because it allows me to draw his scent in, clean, musk and man. Pure unadulterated man…. It seems as though a lifetime has passed since I had used that term to describe another man. As if my brain wasn’t clouded enough. Stealing my nerves and trying my hardest not to sound like an ogling maniac I clench my right hand into a tight fist before flexing it and holding it out to him praying to all the gods of totally thrown off her confidence level girls for strength enough to keep it from shaking and say with a little more volume a little less breathy “My name is Georgina.”

His larger and much softer than I would have imagined hand slides into mine, his fingers enclosing my hand within his and a million bolts of electricity shoot though my arm and the rest of my body zinging from nerve to nerve waking them all with a very resounding “hello”

“Its very nice to meet you Georgina. My name is Liam.” If my panties weren’t already wet they would be now. His accent, British, was doing things to my body that filled in the very few gaps that being in his presence had left open.

I remember thinking that I was in so much trouble as I said “Likewise Liam. Its very nice to meet you as well.”

The last time I had feelings like this stir within the depths of my being was when I met Ian. Although this time it was a little different. I cant say what exactly was different about it and I had every intention to try and figure it out later. Later being the key word because right now all I could think about was the feeling of my hand in Liam’s and I didn’t think about how those same hands would feel gripped in my hair holding my lips to his. I didn’t think about how those hands would feel skimming slowly down my body. I definitely didn’t think about how those hands would feel cupping my breast intimately and I most definitely did not think about how those hands would feel pressed against my most intimate down stairs region. Nope. Definitely did not think about all the ways those hands could make me moan with pleasure. Shit…

As if all of my thoughts were laid bare at his feet, Liam smiled sweetly, not one of those cocky all knowing smiles but a genuine sweet make you swoon kind of smiles and then he surprised me when he said “you feel it too.” A statement not a question and if I wasn’t so focused on him I might not have heard the softly spoken words. Definitely in trouble…. I didn’t know what to say so I slowly nodded my head YES!! Yes I feel it to and YES I want to feel more and YES I like how it feels. Yes yes yes….

NO!! No, this cannot be happening right now, not tonight, not ever. I had a plan damn it! Tonight is the night I was supposed to officially give myself back to Ian. Tonight was the night I was going to tell Ian that I wanted all of the things we always talked about having together. Tonight…. Tonight is the night I instantly fell in love with another man.

“A penny for your thoughts” he was trying to be gentle with my fragile currently fracturing self-control.

“Um… I’m sorry, I…” I couldn’t help the nervous giggle that bubbled up from my belly; thankfully it was soft and not loudly obnoxious. “Are you an alumni of the school?”


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