Finding a subject for this week’s blog post has been quite arduous (I love that word), usually I have the post topic floating around in my head a couple of days prior to posting it on Monday morning. This week, not so much.

I have been watching the trends, how many people are reading which posts, and taking notes. It seems that the majority of people enjoy reading the posts that contain the more controversial and personal topics. While all of my posts are personal to a certain degree, some more than others, not all of them are necessarily “hot button” issues. So this week, in an effort to remain relevant, I decided to write about the two most recent societal focus’ and my thoughts on each.

  • Last week there was another school shooting which makes more than 18 so far in 2018, 22 to be exact. That’s an average of one per week, and we aren’t even half way through the year. It seems quite negative and callous to say it that way, but the fact of the matter is, its true. There are still roughly six months left in this year, and there is still nothing being done to prevent our children from being murdered senselessly while in, what is supposed to be a safe place, school. This 17-year-old child, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, who decided that it was his right to take the lives of his fellow students, will not be served the death penalty because it is against the law for a minor to be subjected to capital punishment. Instead he faces 40 years to life in prison. We all know what happens to child molesters in gen pop, but what happens to child murderers? Ones who are still children themselves? If it were my choice, I would delay proceedings as long as I had to, for him to turn 18, so he could then be served the death penalty. That is what murders deserve. If you intentionally and willfully go out into the world with the intent to take another human beings life, then you forfeit your own, assuming you are brought to justice, alive. From everything that I have seen and read about this tragedy, Dimitrios Pagourtzis was not ill, was not a social outcast, he was a football player on the honor roll, there is no sound proof to support his being bullied, and there was plenty of evidence to show that he wanted to commit this senseless act of violence, going as far as to basically advertise it on social media and in journals. Unfortunately he slipped through the cracks; now 8 students and 2 teachers are dead with 13 others having been injured. When is this going to stop? When will I be able to stop worrying about sending my 17-year-old daughter to school, fearing that the next school lock down due to a “threat” is going to be real, and not just a “threat”? We live in a scary time, and our politicians are saying the same thing that they have said after every one of the first 18 school shootings: “administration is determined to do everything in [their] power to protect our students” – President Trump, “we simply can not allow this trend to continue” – Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Actions speak louder than words. Gun control is, in part, key, and while I agree that private citizens have a right to own and bear fire arms, we need to set limits and regulations with more stringent background checks. How do children get their hands on killing machines? I am not naive enough to say or think that it’s the guns fault; It is most definitely the persons fault. Lets make it harder for people like Dimitrios Pagourtzis, Austin Wyatt Rollins, Nikolas Cruz, and Sky Bouche, just to name a few, to have the ability to take the lives of our nations future. Lets make it safer for children like mine, and yours to go to school, and live to make our country great again.
  • A Royal Wedding. Just to be clear, I did get up at 5am to start watching the pre wedding coverage. I did watch the entire wedding and post coverage. I watched intermittent coverage throughout the day, and yes, I did watch the 7pm news for coverage on their departure to Frogmore House, followed by a re-run of the wedding, which I also watched. In addition, I have been soaking up all of the social media posts, and pictures of the wedding in the days since the wedding. I understand that there are people out there who have no interest in the Royals, to them I say, to each their own. There are people out there who feel that we have more pressing issues in our country to worry about than watching a Royal Wedding, to them I say, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a small bright spot among the darkness. With that having been said, OMG… I am in love! I will proudly admit that I am an Anglophile; a person who admires Everything Britain. Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to be there, in Britain, to live there, vacation there, and just be British. So far in my life, I have only been there once and it was amazing. My reason for being there was not so smart, but in the end, I found myself staying at the home of a close friend of mine, enjoying the country side and just being happy. Though I have never actually been to visit London, I will get back there at some point to do so. Watching the Royal Wedding makes all of my Anglophile tendencies bubble to the surface, and now I find myself looking for any reason, not that I need one, to hop on a plane, skip over the pond, and jump into the land of British society. But I digress, getting back to the wedding: critics say that the Duchess of Sussex’s’ dress was to boring and safe. I disagree, it was classic and timeless; perfect for the occasion. There was no, major, pomp and circumstance as Harry will never be king; they can have a more relaxed vibe. The ceremony its self was beautiful, and a touch political, with a masterful sermon delivered by Bishop Michael Curry, centering on “love” as a way to end poverty and war. Considering the new Duchess is biracial, a somewhat political feminist, a humanitarian, a divorcé, an actress and American, I felt that the ceremony was perfectly Harry & Meghan. Without the rigidity of Will & Kate’s ceremony, they were able to include their fun-loving, pizza ordering during the reception, friends to help them usher in a new season to their lives as man and wife. It all makes me hunger even more for the day, that I can walk down the aisle to my new husband. In fact, my Pinterest account has been put to work with “future wedding” prep ever since watching the Royal Wedding. Now I just need The Man to marry! Sounds easier than it really is. Alas, as the hopeless romantic that I am, the words “Love is Love is Love” resonate deeply within me, and I hope that if you are a Royal watcher like me, then you shed a tear or two in happiness for these two wonderful human beings.

With all of that, I say, Until next time…


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