Follow-up to… (C)RUSH

This morning, after reading yesterdays blog about having a crush, and that crush being out of my league; so on and so forth, a very good friend of mine, from here on known as “S”, sent me a message.

The message that S sent, included a quote she had come across from a third-party source, reminding her of my blog post. It goes as follows:

“Stop for just one second. Think about all of the people you have secretly had a crush on. All of the people you’ve found attractive, but never said anything to. Every stranger you have temporarily fallen in love with on public transportation. All of the people you’ve dreamt of at night, and thought of in the early mornings. And now take a moment to realize, that you have been this person for so many people. And you have no idea.” 

This quote is everything! Especially the last two lines because, as much as we may speculate against them, they are true.

Honestly, it is hard to think of myself as someone else’s secret crush or thinking of someone else temporarily falling in love with me, but it doesn’t make it any less factual. I am that someone for someone else. I know that I am beautiful, inside and out, I know that I have a beautiful soul and heart. I know that I am deserving of love. Sometime it takes reminders from my family and friends, but at the end of the day, as much as I want happily ever after to happen as soon as humanly possible (I’m impatient that way), I was reminded last night, at “Margarita Monday” with another friend, “L”, that THE ONE, will come along at the right time and the right place. There is no forcing this meeting, and as “S” went on to tell me, by truly living my best life, for myself, and not just existing, the rest will follow.

Some food for thought on this cool Tuesday morning.

So next time we are temporarily falling in love with someone else from across the room, stop for just one second and remember, someone is temporarily falling in love with you from the other side of the room. And who knows, maybe the person you are falling in with, is the same person falling in love with you. Wouldn’t that be spectacular?

Until next time…


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