Day 2…

Wait, what happened to-day 1? I know that’s what you’re asking yourself right now. Well, let me tell you what happened to-day 1. It was a bust so I banished it.

Well, not totally, on the bust issue, but maybe a little on the productivity side. This is where expectation vs. reality is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow. Let me explain…

Expectation for day 1: go to the gym after T leaves for school, get this blog post done, get blog page for By Grace set up, and get a first post done, get at least six pages typed up for my current book project, get all of the laundry done, make some calls to start promoting Letters to my Ex more, and finally, take a small itty bitty nap somewhere in there.

Reality for day 1: got to the gym, shoveled the drive way, set up the blog page for By Grace, got two loads of laundry done, and that’s about it.

This is entirely Mother Natures fault, if she wasn’t a bipolar witch, who serves up April Fool’s day jokes throughout the month of April, then maybe I would be typing up Day 1’s post instead. BUT… then there’s the silver lining.

The silver lining: I got to sleep in a little longer; two-hour school delay, I got to have breakfast with T, I got to see a friend at the gym that I haven’t seen in a while, I got an extra workout shoveling, I got to talk to a good friend on the other side of the country for an hour, I got a love note from a friend in the mail, and I made it to Margarita Monday with another friend. It wasn’t all that bad I suppose.

On an unrelated note: sardines and strawberry ice cream do not mix well in the tummy. Disclaimer: I ate them separately; one right after the other…. ugh.

Back to business… this being self-employed thing is starting out pretty good. Making my own schedule is nice, and going forward I hope that sticking to the schedule will mean more productivity. I’m learning slowly that I should set up certain days for specific activities, ie: Monday for blog posts, Tuesday for writing, Wed, etc… You get the idea. For all those friends of mine still slaving away for the man (you know which man), it’s quite nice not having to explain why it took me ten minutes to go pee! Now, if only Mother Nature would cooperate, and give us some warm weather, I could do all of this from the back deck. Except pee; I still have to take the hike to the nearest bathroom for that.

It’s also way to quiet in my “office”, there are no windows, my ear canal openings are sore from having my ear buds in ALL (or most of) day long, and my chair is to comfy. All of this seems like first world problems, I know this, and they are first world problems,  but this is my blog, about my life, and my day 2, so I can talk about it. Some would maybe say I’m a little ADD (no offense) today, and they would be correct.

Maybe it’s because, while on my designated lunch break, I read about Khloe Kardashian naming her baby; True Thompson, which is adorable, and so much more precious when you find out that she chose the name which runs in her family on both Kris and Robert Sr.’s side. OR… I think it has more to do with my mind being boggled after reading about how Khloe is still with Tristan. To be clear, when I say “with” I mean, she hasn’t released any press stating otherwise, and whether this is because she doesn’t want to overshadow True’s birth with a black cloud (understandable), or because she isn’t in the best emotional state at the moment (again… understandable), but it could be because, the birth of her baby is supposed to be the happiest time in a mother’s life, there are all sorts of mental and physical changes, having to deal with a cheating baby daddy just days before is not for the faint of heart. Whatever she decides, I hope she leaves him high and dry.

Not that this is a celebrity gossip blog but it had to be said, and I miss Bethy… She would have filled me in on this whole Khloe thing on our morning walk to Dunks.

This is the saddest thing for me about being self-employed, missing the people I used to work with. Previously, on break, and when I needed to stretch, I could chat a bit with someone else. Now, I chat with Jasper; he looks at me weird.

Question: Can you be self-employed if you haven’t received any income from what you’re doing yet?

Until next time…



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