Pantone much… What?

Mine is either 109-9C or 92-9C. It is likely, that I could be a cross between the two, but I don’t think that is exactly how the Pantone system was designed to work. For those of you unfamiliar with the Pantone color system, it is actually the name of the company that developed the proprietary color space matching system. This color matching system is said to be the most accurate throughout all industries where color matching is a thing. In fact, I read an article today about a husband and wife that spent fourteen years color matching thousands of human beings to their Pantone color. How they did this; by taking a picture of the individual, and then taking a color chip, per say, from the nose of the person in the picture, and running it through the color matching system, etc… I was quite excited to read this article, all three paragraphs of it. Yes, three paragraphs. Quite disappointing, if I do say so myself. Alas, it is what it is, I suppose. At least I learned a little about what my possible Pantone color match is, if nothing else.

Why I bring up the Pantone color matching system? No clue. You see, I was sitting here trying to figure out if I’m upset with my daughter T, for hardly ever being home, and having more of a social life than I do. Or, am I jealous that T likes spending so much time outside of the house with her friends. It’s hard to tell so lets examine the facts: she is seventeen, she didn’t have any homework, her Junior research paper rough draft is done,         she already cleaned the bathroom, she didn’t have to work, and we didn’t have any family plans today. As the parent, I suppose I could have told her “no” because she slept at a friend’s house last night, came home for a few hours to do her chores and shower, and then left at 2pm to return at 6:30pm. Since it is Sunday, that means work, and school tomorrow through Friday.

An answer of “no”, could also have been justified by my feeling that she doesn’t spend enough time with me and Jasper. Realistically, I know that this is the helicopter mom in me, but today while I was reviewing College Scholarship applications, it occurred to me, for the three thousandth time this month, that this time next year, T will be preparing for her high school graduation. This summer we will be visiting colleges, and she will be filling out her own scholarship applications. #momfreakoutfestinfullmotion #forreals

I mean really… Yesterday we had a good time getting breakfast, getting manicure’s, and then we came home, I ask her if she wants to help me make biscuits, and she said “no”. When she was little, she always used to like helping me cook. It was adorable, in a messy kitchen and child kind of way, but I suppose that is one of those memories our parents tell us about when they are little: Hold onto that moment, because before you know it, she will be off to college. Now I want to yell and scream SHUT-UP!!! Because now she is almost, off to college, and no longer wants to help me bake.

Is this why people have two or three kids? That way when one goes off to college, there are still one or two more to keep you company? Is it by the time the second or third goes off to college, you are done being the parent who needs their child’s attention? GAH… I must be crazy… So she gets home at 6:30 and wants to leave again to go comfort her friend who is having ex-boyfriend, and family drama. I’m such a sucker for a sappy story except… I only gave her an hour and a half. Yeah Yeah… You don’t need to say it.

Maybe this is single mom syndrome. That’s what I’m going to call this, SMS for short. Truthfully, it has been just the two of us, excluding relatives, for pretty much her entire life. Her father was in, and out, out more than in, of her life until she kicked him out at nine years old for being a shady, inconsiderate, lying jerk. Since then it has truly, only been the two of us against the world. Now it seems like it might just be me sometimes. SMS has created a monster in me, to the point that I sometimes don’t know what to do with myself. When you have been the sole parent, sole income provider, sole everything for seventeen years, it’s hard to find something else to focus your life on, besides your growing more independent by the day, teenager. Subconsciously, I think this is why we got the puppy.. child numero dos!!

By the way, the biscuits were amazing! I followed Joanna Gaines buttermilk biscuit recipe, right down to the strawberry jam, and they were so good. I know for a fact, that I ate two of them hot out of the oven. They were so easy to make too. If you follow nosexinthesuburbs7 on Instagram, you will see a delectable foodie pic.

I’m sure there are other parents out there who can relate. I can’t be the only parent who suffers from SMS, dads can have it too, you know. Maybe in the grand scheme of things, this is simply practice. Practice for when T goes off to college, and I can’t just walk into her bedroom to find her. Secretly, I hope she chooses a local college, so she can live at home, but somehow I doubt that will be the case. T seems pretty intent on breaking me of my SMS/helicopter mom issues.

This probably won’t be the last you hear of my SMS but whatever you are doing to keep yourself sane, keep going and share…

Until next time…




2 thoughts on “Pantone much… What?

  1. I can definitely relate. I sometimes get, weird about my daughter staying her dad’s when she comes home from college. And she stays at her dad’s because she doesn’t have a room of her own at my house.:( I miss her alot. But she’s doing great at school so that cheers me up.


    • Uhg… I feel your pain. When T used to see her dad, even though it was for a few hours, I hated it!! I’m sorry that you are having this mom moment sadness. Hopefully things will get better for you, and hopefully you and your daughter can have some mom and me time still!!


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