What’s Next? (+ a sneak peek)

Now that I have spent the last week celebrating the release of Letters to my Ex, it is seriously time to evaluate where I go from here.

I suppose it is time to get back to my currently untitled, modern-day romance. It’s a fictional story that follows the life of one Southern Deb, and her quest to find happily ever after while also trying to reconcile her relationship with her mother. It is passionate, intense, a little funny, and not like any other romance novel.

At the same time, I will still be blogging, writing articles, dating, working, mumming and building up the nerve to take my writing to the next level… full-time. It is my dream to be able to support myself, and T by being a published author/editor however, it isn’t that easy. Self promotion is tough. Which is why I have decided to send out, what I do have done of my next book, to publishers, and literary agents. Hopefully someone will like what they see enough to offer me a contract.

In any case, I thought I would give you guys a little sneak peek of my currently untitled work. I hope you like it, and look forward to more sneak peeks as it gets closer to being done.


“Growing up I was absolutely the picture of a perfect southern debutant. At four years old I started dancing ballet, I had what my teacher called “natural talent”. This “natural talent” extended to playing the piano. I can still remember my excitement on my fifth birthday when I woke up to find a brand new baby grand in the salon of our plantation style home. It was the best birthday ever. Until the next year when my parents got me a new pony with pink satin ribbon threaded through the braid in her main. I named her Aurora.

I didn’t realize it at the time because I loved dancing and playing the piano, apparently it was all part of my mothers master plan to give me “talent” for the pageant that she entered me into just after my sixth birthday. Again, just like everything else, I was a natural.

So while my two little brothers got to play outside and run free with their friends, I was in the studio dancing or practicing my strokes on the ivory keys or being groomed and herded around a stage under sweltering lights with make-up slathered to thick on my face. When I wasn’t doing all of that I was sitting in on afternoon tea and participating in Junior League fundraisers all in an effort to make me a perfect catch for some southern born and bred gentleman who would sweep me off my stilettos and make an honest woman of me and in return, I would bear the fruit of his loins, take care of his home and make him the happiest man on gods green earth. Riiiiiiiiiiight…

I played along until I turned sixteen. That was when I decided that I had, had enough. Honestly I don’t think I would have lasted that long if it wasn’t for Liv. Olivia and I met in kindergarten and became fast and furious friends. Liv’s family had just moved to Charleston and like my mom, hers had the dream of a perfect southern deb daughter. Our moms became just a close in their friendship as Liv and I were in ours. We were inseparable in our joint misery. Olivia’s mother was almost as bad as mine. I say almost because her mother let her quit the Junior League and pageants when she decided at fourteen years old that it wasn’t for her and lucky for Liv, her mom only gave her a smidgen of grief.

Two more years; that’s how long it took for me to work up the nerve to face my mother and tell her what I wanted. Two Years I suffered alone in my misery. Two years I thought of a thousand ways to break the news to my mom. For twelve years I had put my blood, sweat and tears, literally… into becoming what my mother had wanted me to be and now all I wanted was to be me; for me.

When I told my mother that I wanted to quit and live like a normal teen girl and do normal teen things, my mother freaked out. She went nuclear in her rage. Looking back at it now, I could probably laugh… a little. Let me tell you something though, In that moment when I was standing there face to face with my mom and her eyes were bugging out of her head her chest was heaving from all the air she was sucking in and blowing out and her face was turning shades of red I have never seen before and then just like that she turned white as a sheet and burst into hysterical sobs, I thought I was going to pass out from the sheer terror of it all. That’s when the babbling began. Incoherent babbling about all of her sacrifices and dreams, all of her hard work and efforts all of it down the drain, and for what… That’s when my brain went numb and I couldn’t feel anything but my own hurt and heart ache. That’s when only broken words here and there made their way into my fog… disgrace… laughing-stock… ungrateful… That’s when my daddy came in and scooped me up leaving my mother to melt down on her own. He took me to my room and laid me on the bed where I proceeded to burst into hysterics of my own, drooling and sniveling into my pillow, mumbling between broken sobs about how sorry I was.

That day was the day I went from being my mothers pride and joy to just being her daughter. Things got a little better over the next couple of years… marginally. That is until I dropped another bomb. Apparently I’m a gluten for punishment.”


Until next time!!


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