Mom Jeans?

Seriously? Mom Jeans are now a thing?

ok, when I was younger, and I’m not really that old… contrary to what some would say, but…. when I was younger “mom jeans” were just jeans that moms wore. What made them “mom jeans” was the fact that they were not flattering. At all. Moms would do house chores in them, run to the grocery store in them, car pool in them, garden in them and so on. Jeans of the time, about twenty-five-ish years ago, were pretty standard; cotton, light blue, high-waisted, elastic wasted and maybe pleated around the waist band. These “mom jeans” were not worn out for date night with the hubby or for girls night out, or even in.

Heres the thing, how these jeans ever became known as “mom jeans” was beyond me but I did a little research and was only able to find about a hand full of articles and they all said the same thing; “unfashionable and unflattering” although I did learn that their rise to popularity did come from a Saturday Night Live skit, so there is that.

What blows my mind today about “mom jeans” is that, if you take into account what I said above, I do not own one pair of “mom jeans”. However, T owns two pairs. No, T is not a mom, thank fuck, but for the super low price of fifty-nine ninety-nine, she was able to buy them at American Eagle complete with rips in the knees, just like mom would have after scrubbing the floors year after year.

In my own fashion repertoire I never, ever, ever had “mom jeans”. Of course I wore jeans but they always fit perfectly. Of course I will admit, that my past relationship with my jeans has always been very tenuous until recently. For about fifteen years my weight fluctuated from about 300 to 300 pounds. In 2012 I took steps to lose weight and I was very successful. I lost 130 pounds. Now five years later I have gained about forty of those pounds back but its ok. I’m still happy.

My relationship with my jeans however, drastically moved into the obsession phase for about two years. Man did I love my size ten’s. Today, I am however, still in love with my jeans although they are a size fourteen. It’s the in-between ten and fourteen years that I hated my jeans more than you could possibly imagine. I think my “mom jeans” were more like black leggings. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my black leggings and I wear them often in the house and out in public however, (yes I love this word), I have found my “mom jeans”.

Imagine how you feel when you have the perfect wedding dress on and you are staring back at yourself in the mirror, tears prickle your eyes, everyone looking at you is sharing your tears and happiness, breathless at how stunning you look. That’s how I feel every time I put my “mom jeans” on. These jeans fit me perfectly and I don’t know if it’s because I have finally picked the right jeans for my size or if it’s because I have finally accepted that I am not ever going to be a size two. Whichever it is, I’m happy to have it in my life.

Back to “mom jeans”, mine by the way… I wear everywhere, I suppose it was inevitable that in todays fashionable everything old is new again society, that someone would find a way to turn an, essentially, everyday household word like “mom jeans” into a style and sell it for sixty bucks a pop. Of course it’s also a moment of “why didn’t I think of that first” however, (there it is again) we all know that I am not a stylist but a writer!

I know it’s a short rant but jasper needs to go out. T is in the shower (still) and I need to be productive with my other writings.

Have a good day and until next time!!


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