First Weekend

You know that feeling when you have your finger on the “enter” button of your computer and it feels like if you press it, the ground will open up and a ginormous nuclear missile is going to project its self into the air, and obliterate everything within a million miles of where it crashes down? Yeah, so do I. As of matter of fact, that’s what it felt like as I sat there debating on whether I really wanted to press the button and make my “Match” account and profile official. After a good twenty-minute inner debate on the pro’s and con’s of the online dating world, I took the leap and pressed “The Button”. Almost immediately I was notified that I had two messages waiting for me. Apparently they came in while my profile was still in limbo.

With eager anticipation I opened the two messages, both from the same guy, and it turns out… I already know the guy. HA! While I know who the guy is already it isn’t like he is a close friend who harbors some long-lost love for me. Quite the contrary actually. Mr. Familiar happens to be a guy I dated casually about six-ish years ago and just kind of fell out of contact with. AKA… A bootie call. Sorry dad!

Anyways, now Mr. Familiar wants to get “familiar” again and “catch-up”. He has been on “Match” for three months. The last time I jumped to quickly into the pool of men who were on “Match”, with no success for more than a few months, I ended up loosing two years of my life to a narcissist and his two evil children. Disclaimer –> I am well aware that not all men on “Match” after three months, are narcissistic with evil children. To top it off, my number hasn’t changed and so I’m sure you can guess who is now texting and calling me several, AKA… way too many to not be considered stalking, times a day. Yeah, yeah, I know… block his number and all that but then, the little voice in the back of my head says “what if this is a missed opportunity you now have a second chance at?” OR there’s the voice that says “I don’t have time for catching up with old bootie calls. I’m on the hunt for Mr. Forever“. Why does dating have to be so hard? Why do guys hit the “like” on your profile but don’t answer your message or send one of their own? Why, for the love of all that is holy, does online dating have to even be a thing?

Seriously? what the hell ever happened to meeting people in person, in our everyday lives, maybe at the grocery store? Or in Target? Or better yet, in line at Starbucks? If you think about it, either of these three locations will get the initial “questions” out-of-the-way; what does she like to eat? Is she to thin, curvy, tall, short, etc… Is she a macchiatto or a latte girl? Does she smell good or so so? Do I like her hair color, her voice, do I get any tingles down below at the sight of her? and so on…

Alas, I digress. This wasn’t the only First Weekend experience I had that was new or new-ish. Somehow listening to my hairdresser talk about her love for antiquing and my, maybe a little unhealthy, obsession with Chip & Jo Jo, I have decided to make antiquing my 2018 obsession. So with winter gear on and high expectations, me, T, Rebecca, her girlfriend and her girlfriends son, headed out to a Vintage & Antique show that promised to be like no other. The empty parking lot should have clued us in that they were definitely “like no other” and that we didn’t have to bother getting out of the cars. That’s right… My first antiquing experience stood me up.

BUT… All is not lost. Rebecca, the amazing stylist/antique goddess that she is, introduced me to her, now my, favorite go to place and I am in love. Match? What? Who needs Match! HA… Now I am inspired to find all sorts of amazing antique/unfinished pieces to decorate my home (when I get one) with. I’m even feeling ambitious enough to find some reclaimed barn wood to build a farm table for at the dinning room (inspired by another friend) with. Lofty ambitions, I know!!

To top off my First Weekend, Sunday morning, the seventh and last or first day of the week, depending on how you look at it, has been my designated sleep in day, chore day, stay under the covers and do nothing all day, day for as long as I can remember. However, today, the first Sunday of the New Year, I decided to break with my norm and do something else new-ish and different. Different consisted of waking up at four am, four-twenty after I hit snooze a few times, throwing on last nights jeans, t-shirt and sweater (they were still clean), remote starting my car three times, because it was twelve below, donning my winter gear and heading to pick up a couple of friends before driving up to the Salvation Army.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings Do You Know Him? Ministries, with the help of several volunteers, hosts a warm breakfast for the local homeless citizens, whom recently, have had to brave sub-zero temps at night and freezing cold wind during the day. Breakfast today consisted of French toast, sausage patties (where I perfected my “one patty or two”), hash browns, and scrambled eggs with baked beans on the side, which is apparently a New England thing? Being a transplant from the West Coast this was a new one for me. Along with the standard breakfast beverage of coffee, not from Dunk’s, guests were also treated to water, hot chocolate and tang before they picked up a selection of personal care items, socks, snacks and fresh made PB&J’s for later.

Looking back on the ride in, it was easy for me to complain about being cold, needing a hot coffee and wanting to go back to sleep in my nice cozy bed. What wasn’t easy was thinking about “Laura”, a homeless woman I had met during a previous serving engagement who lives downtown in a tent that was donated to her. Despite there being shelters that offer beds out of the cold and wind, “Laura” had chosen to stay in her home because it is just that, her home. Unfortunately, seeing all of the cold people huddled into themselves for warmth, it reminded me that not all of the homeless are as lucky to have a tent in which to seek some kind of shelter from the elements. Which also made me question why they don’t “fly south” in the winter. Lord knows I would!

Upon further reflection, while waiting for breakfast service to begin, I found myself scanning the crowd. At first I wasn’t sure what I was looking for until, in through the double doors, walked “Laura”. A huge, and unexpected, sense of relief washed over me at knowing that she had made it safely through the horrible weather and was here to have breakfast, or seven cups of coffee. No… Really, she had SEVEN cups off coffee! One cup and I’m on the porcelain throne ten minutes later.

It wouldn’t be until later in the morning, over my own breakfast with T and friends, that I would take the time to reflect on my feeling of discontent for a woman I had only met twice and talked to once.

In a world where a minute feels like a second, enjoy every blessing as they come. Today, seeing “Laura” was my blessing. Yesterday, learning my first steps in the fine art of antiquing was not only a pleasure, but a blessing. “Reconnecting” with an old booty call, while awkward-ish, is still a blessing. I’ll take them all and so should you!

Until next time!!


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