IMG_0418Another 365 days have flown by and that moment where we all sit and reflect on our ups, downs, trials, tribulations, accomplishments, missed opportunities and so on is upon us. This happens to be my moment and instead of just thinking about it, I’m going to write it all out here. For you guys to read. After all, this blog is one of my few accomplishments for 2017.

When I started this blog I had that “moment of grand thought” where I hoped that my blog would spread far and wide in a matter of moments and become this hugely wild online success story. So far it has not become a hugely wild success story but… It has become a small personal success. People, and by “people” I mean friends and relatives, tell me after each post that they enjoyed the read or they have a question on something I wrote. Sometimes they will come up to me and say “I never knew that about your life” to which I don’t know what to say other than smile and nod my head in that “it’s ok. It’s in the past” kind of way. No Sex in the Suburbs has become a personal labor of love and is not as easy to keep up with as I thought it would be. My original plan for post topics was to make a list and each week just write about one however, as I got going I found that my inspiration came more from random things that happen in my life than from lists. Which fits perfectly into the bit about my blog being about real life. In any case, I have come to love this time that I get to sit here and reflect on topics, share them with my lovely followers and readers. It is after all, because of you guys that I keep coming back post after post. My hope for the new year is that this blog continues to grow and one day becomes the hugely wild success it is meant to be.

Among my other accomplishments I can count; T living through her driving test, written and practical, that was a huge success mostly on her part for passing but on mine because she lived and, because I lived through it! There were many times I could have jumped ship but we both stuck through it and now she drives me around when I want to play passenger. Another moment of success for me was at work when I finally got on the instructor cadre however, it was bitter-sweet in that I did not get into the instructor class which means I will have to wait until the next one. There aren’t many success I can count that come out of my full-time job so I take them where I can get them. Haiti is definitely one of my successes and one that I was very proud to share with T. If you read my blog post “Haiti by 8”, then you know all about mine and T’s trip to Haiti and, all of the amazing things that we did. Success for me in Haiti didn’t just come from all of the good work we did with the locals but, with the memories that T and I will always be able to share and add to with future trips. Being able to instill values in my daughter that will help her to become a better person who values, understands and wants to improve the human condition is every parents idea of success.

Speaking of Haiti, perhaps one of the most exciting success’ for me this year came just today, on New Years Eve. When I woke up this morning it was to the news that I am now a published writer. About a week ago I wrote a “Human Interest” story on T and one of her friends from School, whom also went to Haiti, I sent this “article” into the local News Paper along with a photo I took of the two girls with some of the sponsored children in the PID program. The intention was for them to publish the story in the paper with the best hope that it would end up in the obituary section under the crossword but… lo and behold it was published in the Sunday Paper on the first page of the Local Regional area section. Success!!!! I had no idea. I woke up to a text from my dad with a picture of the “article” and the words “A published writer you are. Maybe you should be a journalist.” Well dad… that’s what the plan is; part-time journalist, author and all around writer.

Alas not everything can be good or successful. Once in a while we all have failures, how many can vary and the severity of those failures varies drastically from that broken finger nail to the millions lost on the stock market. Honestly, if I had millions I wouldn’t be playing it in the market but using it for travel, donation and other fulfilling acts. This year my biggest failure was the breakup with my ex-boyfriend. It was a nasty little affair that I will save for another blog post because I’m also writing a book about it. One of the things I hope to accomplish this coming year (a bright spot on the dark stain of my heart) a little dramatic but… I am a writer… is the publishing of that book titled “Letters to Chad” (thank you to “T squared” for the title suggestion). Once the book is closer to being ready I will post about it and, the whole sordid affair. Since the breakup I have spent a lot of time reflecting on where I went wrong and where I could change things which now brings me to the next chapter in my love life; online dating. Tonight while others, T among them, are partying and toasting their way into 2018, I will be setting up a new online dating profile in hopes of being able to find the perfect guy for me. There will surely be a lot of posts about dates from hell but with any luck, this time next year I will be kissing the love of my life at the stroke of midnight.

It is at this point that I’m thinking I should have kept a log of all my “failures” throughout the year however, I suppose it is best to learn from them, move on from them and leave them behind to remember the success’. Besides, we have a whole new year to look forward to with 365 more opportunities to bring success, failure, happiness and even sadness into our lives because without the bad, you can’t have the good.

What is your New Years Resolution this year?

Mine, even though I don’t really believe in a New Year’s Resolutions per say, is to spend more time and money on experiences as opposed to material items, to spend more time with my friends, to take in the mysterious beauties of the world more, and to just live a happier existence including coming closer to a career that makes me happy. My friend Leslie said it best; “It’s a great ending AND a wonderful beginning to a new year” in regards to my being published in the paper and one I plan to capitalize on in 2018.

Happy New Year!!! and Until next time… Cheers!



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