2 am comes quick…

It’s 3:16am on a wet but mild Wednesday morning in Boston and instead of being in bed sleeping soundly for another few hours, T and I are sitting at the airport. Across from a closed Starbucks. Listening to the wher and clopping, occasional squeaks, of the escalator carrying the days employees off into the nether regions of adulting.

There are so many other places I would rather be at this moment; in bed for one, on a tropical island… In bed, in some exotic Indonesian Hut that sits on stilts in the ocean… In bed. As you can see “in bed” is where I would love to be but while I sit here typing this blog post on my cell phone, my thumbs may go numb BTW, I’m obviously not in bed because in a matter of a few short hours T an I, along with 22 other amazing individuals, will be planting our feet firmly on Haitian soil.

This is the second consecutive year that I will be making this trip of heartfelt, sincere, selfless giving of my time, energy, emotions and utter joy however, this is the first time that T will be making the trip with me. So it is with a very different set of emotions than last year, that i set out on this journey of discovery with my daughter.

While everything in my heart says that I’m proud of her for making the decision to join me, proud that my sixteen year old would rather use her time for a humanitarian trip than a vacation to the carribean, excited for her to experience a new culture and over the moon that we get to do this together. There is no doubt that I also feel a huge sense of fear and trepidation, sadness and, hope.

My feelings of fear and trepidation come from knowing first hand what T is in for when those plane doors open and we disembark the plane to walk across the tarmac and begin the arduous task of getting through customs, baggage claim and onto the bus. There is no other way to explain the baggage claim area at the Port Au Prince airport except; mass chaos. Of course then you add the fear of what could happen given the state of the country, their government and the world in general. It’s disgusting to even think, let alone know that there is a thriving market in the world for pretty young girls. Then there is the inherent dangers of life in general; sickness, injury, nerves… But let’s focus on the other stuff!

Truly, I hope that T comes away from this experience with new values for life and a greater appreciation for what she has and the opportunities that a first world life affords her.

I’m so incredibly excited to share this experience with my daughter and I’m sorry to keep this short but I’ve been multitasking and now have to go!!!

Until next time…


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