Not my type?

IM ALIVE!!! Having been laid up with the flu for the last week or so has given me a lot of time to think about what this next blog post would be about. Of course my first thought was to whine about having the flu and paying three dollars for a box of antibacterial tissues that kill 99.9% of germs. Your welcome society. Or at least those in society that I came into contact with because not only did I buy a box of three dollars tissues, I bought four of them. Seriously? people who are sick should not be allowed to buy their own tissues. It would have been just as good and a whole lot cheaper to buy the dollar box of store brand tissues next to the fancy ones.

My next obvious choice could have to talk about the senseless tragedy that took place in Texas however, I chose not to. At this point in time. It is probably better to save the heavier subjects for a time when my head isn’t clouded by cold medicine.

So instead, I am going to wax poetic about what the hell hair color has to do with being someones type.  This particular subject came up during the car ride home from church tonight. To give a little background, it is myself, my friend and her sister discussing another male friend whom we sit with at church every week. Said friend is single, in his early forties, a college professor, smart and very nice. Obviously as soon as my friend says that we need to find him a wife my ears perk up and I think “HELLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….. ME!” To which her sister asks “does he have a racial preference?” This was asked, I’m going to assume, because he is a beautiful black man. So my friends says yes, he like white women. Blonde white women. My hopes go up in a ginormous exploding flame of beautiful red-headed disappointment.

This is the brief conversation that makes me wonder, what does hair color have to do with anything? It isn’t like hair color determines what type of person you are. Someone can be a douche bag with brown hair one day and still be a douche bag with blonde hair the next day. The only thing I can see hair color affecting is a physical appearance, obviously. Which makes me ask, how can someone look at another person and say “they aren’t my type because they have red hair”.

To be the little research nerd that I am, lets look at this from a scholarly stand point; when referring to a person and what type they are, according to all definitions, “type” is used in reference to a person’s personality. Personality has nothing to do with hair color. Hair color is all physical appearance (I know I already said this) but it’s true so I’ll say it again, hair color is all physical appearance.

So tell me, what does being a blonde, brunette or a red-head have to do with anything? You could meet someone today, fall in love and be with them for months before you find out that they are actually a blonde who dyes their hair brown. Assuming the carpet is now hardwood floors. Then what do you do? Breakup? Deal with it?

At this point my daughter and one of her besties are now here so I thought I would ask the teenagers for their perspective. It doesn’t matter. I don’t know what surprises me more, that they came up with this answer within a matter of minutes, that they really didn’t need any examples at all to make their decision or that they care less about hair color and more about height.

I’m not even sure what exactly bothers me the most about this whole thing. I will concede that people are attracted to what they like and on first glance, that’s the appearance of the person in question. Maybe Im just butt hurt, as my brother would say, that Im not blonde but a red-head. Personally, I don’t have a hair color preference. For me its the posterior view, height and eye color.

To get to the point… We like what we like and we shouldn’t begrudge someone what they like even if it isn’t you or in this case, me.

Until next time!


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