The Maiden Voyage

Yikes!!! What do you write about for your first ever blog post? The fact that I had three, yes three, taco’s from a not so healthy fast food joint for dinner? How about my teenaged daughter hanging out in her bedroom with a guy “friend” watching a scary movie on her laptop? There is always the fact that I am sitting home on a Saturday night doing absolutely nothing, except feeding my puppy carrots pieces, while he lies on my desk, because I’m single AF and apparently have no social life.

Actually, as I’m sitting here typing this I’m looking at a picture of my little princess, literally, she is dressed as a princess, from roughly about ten years ago. The picture was taken at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique at WWD. It cost a fortune for her to get dressed up as Princess Aurora including the hair, make-up, accessories and the must have photo package. It was probably the worst experience of my life. As if taking your ten-year old to Disney wasn’t stressful enough, here I am running around this ridiculously cheery and all pink boutique chasing my child as she tries to figure out which princess she wants to be.

Finally (for the love of god) she decides on one and then the waterworks begin; “she’s pulling my hair to tight“, “I don’t want lipstick on“, “this dress is itchy“, “NOOOOOOO don’t take my dress off“. You get the point however, once all is said and done and your little girl is standing in front of you beaming from ear to ear, you can’t do anything but feel like all that drama was so worth it because her happiness is all that matters. Not even ten minutes later, your walking around with the dress in a shopping bag because…. it was to itchy.

Fast forward  ten years and here I am sitting at my desk listening to my little princess giggle while she hangs out in her bedroom watching a movie with a boy. A boy? Yes, a boy. Whatever happened to the days when boys were gross and they had cooties? Those days need to return because let me tell you, as the years go by, way to fast, she gets older, more independent, more sophisticated, more beautiful and more amazing with each one and the boys? They aren’t going anywhere unfortunately.

While it makes me happy that she is growing up and learning to be an individual, learning to be herself as a unique and smart young woman, it makes me misty eyed to think that in just a couple short years she will be off to college and I won’t be listening to her giggle from the other room. I won’t be able to walk over to her and hug the shit out of her. I won’t be able to smooch her face and watch her pull out of the drive way when she goes out.

What I will be able to do is know that I sent her out into the world equipped with all of the tools she needs to be successful in school and life. Her dorm room is a phone call away and if I’m lucky, she will go somewhere close and come home often to visit. If I have my way she will live at home and commute to the school of her choice even if that means I will need to relocate. Yes, I am a helicopter mom but that is a story for another day.

As for right now, today, I hope I haven’t bored you to death with my woe is me “my daughter is growing up” bit. If I have, tough shit! You chose to read it and I hope that you will choose to read my work again. My aim is to let my readers know that life is real. I’m living it, you are living it and yes, this stuff really happens to someone other than you.

Until next time!




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